About Patrick

“Who is Patrick, and why should I vote for him?”

That’s a great question! Patrick is a local attorney, running for an open seat on the Board of Trustees for his favorite community college district – YCCD! You should vote for him if you want an accessible, open, and engaging trustee to represent you on the board.

“A lawyer? Really?”

Yes, really! But he’s more than that, too. A Hughson High alumni who grew up in a peach farming family, Patrick is an MJC graduate who got his AA degree in theatre there before transferring to UC Santa Barbara to get his BA in theatrical lighting design. He then bounced around the world, living in India, France, and Poland before going to law school. He founded his practice in 2010, and has focused on immigration and criminal defense law.

Patrick’s law office is the eighth business he has either started himself or been directly involved in starting, so he understands the needs of our local small business community on a deeply personal level.

“That’s cool and all, but why would he know anything about education and YCCD?”

Patrick has strong ties to MJC, and not just because he studied there. Patrick met his wife, Vallerie, at MJC, and they asked a good friend of theirs, who just happened to be the MJC classified staff member who introduced them to each other, to officiate their wedding. Ever since starting his law practice, Patrick has worked to create opportunities for YCCD students, offering internship, job shadowing, and mentorship opportunities for local students.

But wait, there’s more! Patrick was himself an educator, teaching High School English and Theatre in India, and he grew up the son of one of MJC’s best (and toughest) math professors. This meant that he got to know many of the MJC and Columbia faculty, and constantly heard about the concerns and obstacles they faced in trying to provide MJC students the best possible education.

Put simply, Patrick is the only candidate who has close ties and a deep understanding of all of MJC’s constituencies, from faculty and staff through students (he’s one of only two candidates still paying on their student loans!), and the business community that hires the students after they leave MJC.

“So what does Patrick stand for? What will he do for our school?”

We’re glad you asked! Check out our Platform and Promise page to see what Patrick stands for, and what he’s promising.